Testimonials 2011

Tanelec Limited

Joseph Kamata - Business Development Manager, Tanelec Limited:

"Am glad to have met Colleen and worked with her on the various Tanelec graphic and photography projects. I like to work with Colleen since I find her very professional, creative and goes out of her way to get the best finish. Despite our demanding request for spaced out photo shoots, Colleen has been able to avail herself and work very carefully to be able to get the best shots and bring out the best images for our publications.

The Slipway Ltd

Nicola Colangelo - Director, The Slipway Ltd:

"Colleen, thanks for coming to Dar and taking pictures of our place: many photographers have passed through the Slipway, but generally have focused on the obvious. You have managed to show us some less known and intriguing sides of our property: I am grateful.

4C Association - Bonn, Germany

Linda Besigiroha - Communications Officer, 4C Association - Bonn, Germany:

"I came across Colleen Hogg's website as I frantically tried to find a photographer for an assignment in the coffee producing regions in Kenya. It was a golden find. Colleen has a knack for finding that delicate balance between goofy chumminess and respectful professionalism. The results are rewarding to say the least.

Rhino Lodge

Carolina Bialosky - Director, Rhino Lodge, Ngorongoro:

- We just wanted to thank you for your professional photography work. Your tireless dedication and hard work striving for perfection really shows. You deserve to be proud of your achievements, as they are unmatchable. We will definitely use you again in the future and highly recommend you. Thank you for the best photographic work ever! -